Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Perspective Matters

Next week I will once again get to be with all my grandchildren for a few days. I'm delivering the girls matching Easter dresses, spending time with my daughter while her husband travels for work, and hopefully going to see my son's new home that they're moving into this weekend. It will be fast, fun and full of photo opportunities. But always in the back of my mind and heart is the reality that I will have to say goodbye....again! 

Our pastor said something this past Sunday that helped me so much in embracing the distance.

"If my children grow up and live all over the map of the world, yet love God and are doing what He's called them to do, I will rejoice! That's the whole point of parenting--training our children to grow up and continue the race they've been called to run. It doesn't matter what their address is, it matters where their heart is!" - Aron Osborne, Metro Life Church

As I pack my bags this time I'm taking with me this perspective. 

It doesn't weigh anything, the TSA employees won't pull me aside to ask about it, but my heart will be lighter like the balloon in this cartoon as I won't be carrying the weight of regret and disappointment.

How has a changed perspective helped you adjust to saying goodbye?

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