Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Adventures of Achoo Bunny

Papa and Nana are away to our cabin to celebrate our anniversary. Our four youngest grandchildren are the perfect age to take them along with us...kind of. You see when our four oldest grandchildren were their age we took Pooh Bear on a mountain adventure. We took pictures of him in all sorts of places and sent them to Bristol, Norah, Willow and Bradley.

This week we brought Achoo Bunny with us to entertain Stella, Vito and Brielle with his adventures. Phoebe is only 4 months so she doesn't get it yet. But she will one day.

So far Achoo Bunny has worn Nana's slippers because his feet were c-c-cold. Nana's slippers were just what he needed. This morning he warmed up nice by the fire. I'm sure there will be lots of fun adventures he shares with them before we head home.

You may be wondering why he has such a name; when he talks he always end up sneezing making his floppy ears flip over his eyes. This is always sure to make my kiddos laugh.

I love finding little ways to connect with my little people. Taking one of their toys along in a trip makes for a very special memory.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Privilege to Pray

I remember hearing my grandmother say that she was praying for us. I didn't think much of it at the time, but I must say that now, years later, I'm so grateful to God for a praying grandmother.

My Mom took up her mantle after Big Mama (that's what we called my Mom's mom) died. She prayed for all of us by name every day. When she passed away in December of 2012, this was one of the things I missed most--knowing that I was covered with her prayers.

This reminds me of something I committed to do after she was gone--pray for my own children and grandchildren specifically by name. I have eight grandchildren and five grown children including my son-in-love and daughter-in-love. If I add my husband to the mix that gives me 14 total family members--two weeks to pray for one each day.

After seeing the movie, War Room, I was inspired to go often to my prayer closet to pray passionately for all who were on my heart and mind. It's amazing to me how I can feel so strongly about something, and then completely forget all about it. Ugh! I hate that about me, but God is patient with me and gently prods me to do what I said I would do.

In an effort to help me, I'm sharing this post with you. Do you pray for your grandchildren? In what ways have you seen Him answer the cries of your heart? How do you remind yourself to pray often? I'd love to hear about it.

I leave you with a picture the Lord gave me that fits with the topic at hand: 

I was pondering about situations that cause my heart to sink. You know that feeling--you are given news that makes you reel emotionally. It literally feels as if you're taking a plunge on the steepest roller coaster. At least that's what I've experienced, and I hate roller coasters! 
In those moments, I sensed the Lord saying these circumstances are pulling your heart like a slingshot downward so that you can fling them towards heaven. Take those worries--those cares--those problems which seem unsurmountable--and fling them through prayer to the Throne of Grace. God loves to answer desperate prayer. 

You know what the best part is of all this? Prayer knows no distance. If your grandchildren live close to you or are on the other side of the world, your prayers are just as effective. Let us pick up this mantle together and pray daily for those we love.  

"The eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous and his ears toward their cry." Psalm 34:15

Copyright, 2016 Debi Walter
PC: Jennifer Woodward

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I Found My Laughing Place

As a Faraway Nana one of my biggest disappointments is missing many of my grandchildren's firsts--first loose tooth, first time on the potty, first time rolling over...you name it. It's tempting to think you'll miss out on all of those special moments because of the distance.

But God!

Those are two words that never cease to amaze me. Certainly there are many firsts I have and will miss. But there are many that God has blessed me with experiencing first hand. This past week was a perfect example.

We were able to go with our daughter and her family to Walt Disney World for the first time. Seeing the joy on their faces was...worth.every.dollar (penny doesn't fit when you're talking about the Kingdom of the Mouse!) :-)

I soaked up all the memories knowing I would have to feed my soul on days when the distance gets the best of me and I'm sad.

I have to share with you one of my favorite memories...it was seeing our three-year old granddaughter, Stella, experience her very first roller coaster.

You never know how they're going to respond. This video delighted my soul. Makes me think of this quote from Song of the South...

Johnny: I wish I had a Laughing Place
Ginny: Me, too.
Uncle Remus: What make you think you ain't? Course you got a Laughing Place.
 Johnny: Really, Uncle Remus?
Ginny: Really?
Uncle Remus: Everybody's got one. The trouble is, most folks won't take time to go look for it.
Johnny, Ginny: Where's mine?
Uncle Remus: Well, now, that I can't exactly say. 'Cause where 'tis for one mightn't be where 'til for another.
Johnny: Come on, Ginny. Let's start looking.  
I think Stella found her laughing place--and you know what? I think I've found mine too!