Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Adventures of Achoo Bunny

Papa and Nana are away to our cabin to celebrate our anniversary. Our four youngest grandchildren are the perfect age to take them along with us...kind of. You see when our four oldest grandchildren were their age we took Pooh Bear on a mountain adventure. We took pictures of him in all sorts of places and sent them to Bristol, Norah, Willow and Bradley.

This week we brought Achoo Bunny with us to entertain Stella, Vito and Brielle with his adventures. Phoebe is only 4 months so she doesn't get it yet. But she will one day.

So far Achoo Bunny has worn Nana's slippers because his feet were c-c-cold. Nana's slippers were just what he needed. This morning he warmed up nice by the fire. I'm sure there will be lots of fun adventures he shares with them before we head home.

You may be wondering why he has such a name; when he talks he always end up sneezing making his floppy ears flip over his eyes. This is always sure to make my kiddos laugh.

I love finding little ways to connect with my little people. Taking one of their toys along in a trip makes for a very special memory.

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